The Associates own Maurice Baskin a.k.a “PADA” has finished shooting a Web-Series Pilot!

Scene of the Rhyme is a series about the sentimental side of hip-hop stardom.

Our Story

This past August, Julia Blauvelt, Ted Hornick, and Serjio Rios finally sat down and began to put the wheels in motion to create and realize an idea that has been in the works for two years.  The story of a quirky, up-and-coming MC named Pada is one they have long wanted to tell.  What resulted from their round-tabling was a fictional, scripted web-series about a struggling, up-and-coming hip-hop label. It’s a comedy with a slight “man-in-the-trenches” feel…to give you an image, we like to refer to it as Wu Tang meets “The Thick of It” or Run DMC meets “The Office.”

The show centers around the relationship between an up-and-coming hip hop star (Pada) and his foul-mouthed but good-intentioned Artist and Repertoire, George. The log-line for season one (which we envision being 6 episodes total) is below:

“An up-and-coming rap label, trying to protect its newest star from a career-crushing beef with a rival MC, ends up making everything worse.”

Each episode will be about 20 minutes long, which we realize is longer than usual for web-series, but we intend to fill every moment with dry wit and obscure hip-hop allusions. The dialogue is quick banter and the characters are neurotic and lovable.

Now the journey begins, Visit the IndieGoGo Page here and discover how you can help, and the cool perks you get for doing so.

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