Is  a marketing, promotions and independent digital publisher that is focused on building content-rich, niche websites that turn highly-targeted visitors into loyal followers. JDM has relationships in a wide range of media JDM_Marketing___Promotions_LLC_1aand entertainment sectors to provide clients with diversified content, relevant market intelligence, deep industry relationships, and a strategic vision directed toward producing unrivaled results.

From product launches to release parties to concerts and corporate events, JDM has provided the mood and elegance to some of the most memorable and high profile events in the entertainment, fashion, & sports industries.

By consistently providing clients with thorough service and customized strategies, the continued success of JDM is the direct result of the company’s recognition of progressive culture and the music, fashion, and lifestyle that accompanies it. JDM offers customized packages and price plans. Contact us for news releases, social media marketing, creative branding, content marketing, graphic design and web development services. We create short and long-term social media strategies to establish and maintain your brand online and offline. We offer one-time and monthly retainer services and products for representation, client development, audience engagement, grassroots campaigns and interactive PR. JDM Marketing & Promotions L.L.C. is dedicated to providing marketing and management consulting services to small and emerging businesses looking for opportunities to increase their potential for success.


JDM Marketing & Promotions started off as an independent promotions company working with companies such as Def Jam, Bad Boy Records, E1 Entertainment, and Sony. While in the promotions game, JDM went on to host summer events and promote for different night clubs. Presently, JDM has promoted/coordinated industry events, celebrity releases, & launch parties. JDM represents an array of DJ’s and Artists while also providing music and event consultation to a wide-range of clients including TYKU, Honestea, Kipling, and TV1. We help you define and market your personal or professional brand, and establish recognition through continued exposure in the community and media. Our services range from sector-specific marketing (press, direct-to-fan, radio, video, retail) to the design and implementation of full-scale marketing campaigns built to support album and product launches, direct-to-fan presales (and ongoing d2f retail), touring, fan acquisition and more.