Signing with the right talent agency is the most important thing that an up and coming performer can do. Using the services of a talent agency like The Associates Firm can take your dreams to the next level so it’s important to understand what a talent agent looks for in a potential client. The best talent agency like The Associates Firm are looking for new clients who stand out from the millions of people who want to be famous. Some have talent, some have the drive, but very few make it to the big time, so a talent agent may be very selective.

One thing that will help you to get a talent agent is having a resume. When you’re starting your career think of your future like you would with a regular job. Talent agency professionals want you to be professional when approaching them and the first step in that process is sending in a resume that stands out from the rest. There are lots of different resume coaches out there if you’re writing is not your strong point.

A lot of talented people struggle to find a talent agency because they don’t have some other factor that motivates them. A talent agency will not take on a new client if the agency doesn’t think the client has proper motivation. Talent alone is one aspect to success. When meeting with a potential talent agent you need to highlight what you’re doing to make your career take off. Talk about all the times you stayed up all night writing lyrics, composing new beats, practicing a new instrument, etc. If you’re serious about your career, talk about the sacrifices you’ve made to make it happen (i.e. You moved to New York and have been working odd jobs, going to concerts to make connections, etc). A good talent agent will see these qualities and know the person is serious about their career.

In addition to getting a talent agent to notice you, you also should be aware of fake agencies. If your talent agent doesn’t seem professional, don’t be so desperate that you’ll say yes to anyone. If the talent agent doesn’t have you in a studio, promoting your work, or performing within six months you should look for someone else.

The Associates Firm is a talent agency that gets results for our clients. The Associates Firm has the connections and resources to make your dreams into reality. If you have some of the qualities it takes to become a star we want to talk to you. Contact us by visiting our website and “like” us on Facebook at

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