Go Veg!, A new cookbook by Tanya “T6” Dormevil includes 50 easy, delicious, and healthy vegetarian/vegan recipes for everyday cooking.

More and more people are leaning towards a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle not only for their health, but for the love of animals. Vegan is heart healthy and delicious and there are unlimited ways to prepare dishes to conform to this way of eating.

Singer/Songwriter Tanya “T6” Dormevil is set to publish a vegetarian/vegan cookbook. The R&B Singer has been living the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle for almost 12 years and credits her Father, Wilson Dormevil, for the drastic change in her family’s eating habits. Tanya’s other inspirations have come from exploring different ways of eating healthy in an effort to stay fit. She has encountered many delicious and tasty dishes throughout her travels and wanted to show others that there are countless ways of preparing vegetarian and vegan meals. She also wanted to share recipes with everyone who has ever asked, “Vegan? But what do you eat?”, so she decided to compile some of her favorite recipes and put it in a book.

Go Veg! is packed with recipes for every meal of the day; breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, soups, and desserts; with so many choices, you won’t know where to start!As an R&B singer and songwriter,Tanya has recorded three EPs, including her Holiday EP, Holidays At Home. She has performed throughout the country at numerous events and festivals. Preview Go Veg! The Cookbook via Amazon.com

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