Devyn Rose recently released her new single “Pieces” in preparation for the first of three installments of her EP series, “I AM DEVYN ROSE”, and now she is sharing some behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot.

Singer Devyn Rose hypes up the upcoming music video of her latest single “Pieces” by releasing behind-the-scene footage. At the start of the clip, the singer who previously recorded under the moniker Tanya T6 states, “Pieces is about leading someone on, being a part of a rebound relationship, and having to explain to the person that they were just there to fill a void, just to make the break up easier”.

Taking a new approach with things, Devyn plans to release a series of 3 song EPs in three installments starting with the digital EP, “I AM DEVYN ROSE: D.E.V.Y.N.”, which features the lead single “Pieces”, and is due to be released in October, with the second and third installments arriving in November and December.


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